Top Transport Europe


13 & 14 October 2021 – Palais du Pharo
Marseille – France

Top  Transport  Europe



Far removed from the bustle of a trade show, Adhesion Group offers you a practical, original and effective formula that constitutes a genuine development and decision support tool. It comprises a B to B event where shippers / logisticians with specific needs are able to meet carriers and logistics companies in the form of pre-scheduled, targeted meetings. This unique formula will help you establish and develop new, reliable business relationships with companies whose needs and skills have been previously identified and specified.

Top Transport Europe gives you the opportunity to:

  • MEET European shippers during pre-scheduled meetings
  • COMMUNICATE while making known itself by all the actors of the market of transport and logistics present.
  • TO INFORM ITSELF while taking part in the many conferences organized throughout the 2 days.


Profile of the participants

European service providers
European service providers:
  • Carriers
  • Logistics suppliers
European Purchasers
European Purchasers:
  • Transport decision makers and directors
  • Shippers
  • Logistics decision makers and directors
Key figures for Top Transport
Key figures for Top Transport (2019):
  • 171 exhibitors
  • 230 shippers
  • 7,000+ pre-scheduled meetings
  • 9 symposia
  • 700 transport and logistics professionals in attendance over the two day event


The advantages

Saving time

Within 2 days you can meet 11 to 20 national and/or international contacts via pre-scheduled business appointments. The equivalent of several months of prospecting packed into just 2 days.

Saving money

The fixed price cost of your participation comes to considerably less than conventional market exploration. We estimate that meeting these same contacts would cost you three times as much.

Reliable and motivated contacts

We offer you scheduled and formalised interviews. We provide you with detailed technical data sheets, referencing the specific needs and/or skills of all those taking part. We play host to 240 European shippers who each pay a registration fee. This ensures that these are highly motivated companies, seeking new service providers able to resolve the new types of problems they are facing.

Relaxed and friendly atmosphere

The friendly atmosphere (informal appointments, meals taken together, cocktails and sharing the same location over 2 days) which fosters a ready exchange of views and information conducive to doing good business.

Technology watch

In parallel with the convention, we provide you with a comprehensive programme of colloquia and workshops facilitated by experts.

Reference as leaders in the field

With more than 20 years experience in the field of transport and logistics we guarantee clearly profiled and top quality appointments with decision-makers from national and international companies.

Results guaranteed

We make a commitment on the number of obtained meetings. Proposal of cancellation if less than 5 preprogrammed meetings and a 1 500 euros refund if you have less than 11 meetings.


Ex of needs, projects of the past editions

Revenues: 150 to 750 M€
Payroll: > 1,000 people

Expenditure on freight
(thousands of Euros): +75

Tonnage / annual volume:

  • Export: 4,000 tons

Description of needs/projects:

  • Short term: Seeking partners in South-East/South-West France and Brittany. Development of deliveries from Gaillac (by tautliner). Seeking partners for delivery to Ault (80) and Périgueux (24) from Nevers (high volume). Development in Romania (Brasov/Timisoara).
  • Medium term: Seeking high volume partner (Mega/CR) for all France. Seeking partner for powder and bulk materials to supply sites in France and Europe.

Contacts and/or skills sought: Carriers (high volume and bulk powder).

Revenues: 1 to 15 M€
Payroll: 50 to 100 people

Expenditure on freight
(thousands of Euros): +75

Tonnage / annual volume:

  • Nationally: about 300 tons
  • Export: about 150 tons

Description of needs/projects:

  • Short term: Importation from China and Eastern European countries. Exportation from Brazil, South America as a whole and Iran. Exportation from South Africa - Nationally, seeking a stockist and logistician to outsource part of our logistics.

Contacts and/or skills sought:

  • Stockist in French department 38.
  • Forwarding agent specialized in South America, Iran and Asia
Revenues: 150 to 750 M€
Payroll: > 1,000 people

Expenditure on freight
(thousands of Euros): 15 to 75

Tonnage / annual volume:

  • Nationally: 750,000 m3
  • Import: 100,000 tons

Description of needs/projects:

  • Short term: Buyers. Distribution rounds from sites. Specialized distribution platforms... Network for distribution to private individuals, storage, and preparation of orders.
  • Medium term: Import from Eastern European countries, Asia and the Middle East. Freight solutions. APS
Revenues: 75 to 150 M€
Payroll: 500 to 1,000 people

Expenditure on freight
(thousands of Euros): 15 to 75

Tonnage / annual volume:

  • Nationally: 4,500 tons
  • Import: 1,500 tons
  • Export: 5,000 tons

Description of needs/projects:

  • Short term: Distribution Eastern European countries
  • Medium term: Cold chain LIT medicines
  • Long term: Outsourcing
Revenues: > to 750 M€
Payroll: 500 to 1,000 people

Expenditure on freight
(thousands of Euros): +75

Tonnage / annual volume:

  • Export: 600,000 tons

Description of needs/projects:

  • Medium term: Seeking transport in complete batches for France, Spain and The Netherlands.

Contacts and/or skills sought: Transport company with a small fleet of own lorries.

Revenues: 150 to 750 M€
Payroll: 100 to 500 people

Expenditure on freight
(thousands of Euros): 1 to 15

Tonnage / annual volume:

  • Nationally: 400 tons
  • Import: 1,000 tons
  • Export: 3,000 tons

Description of needs/projects:

  • Short term: National transport: seeking service providers with national network accepting hazardous materials.
  • Medium term: Express transport with single provider


How to participate?


On registration, each participant fills in on line a company profile sheet.

  • Purchasers in transport and logistics detail their needs, projects, etc.
  • Transport and logistics service providers present their skills, know-how, etc.


With full information on the areas of expertise offered by participating companies:

  • Purchasers select on line the carriers and logisticians they wish to meet.
  • Carriers and logisticians select on line the purchasers they wish to meet.


Once the carriers’ and logisticians’ appointment requests have been validated by the purchasers, we then organise the appointment schedules. Priority is given to reciprocal choices and the choices of purchasers.


A few days before the event, each participant receives his appointment schedule. In this way, you will know your future contacts and be able to work towards and prepare your discussions.